Volunteer or Intern With SolarFundzz Microfinance

SolarFundzz volunteers and interns enjoy a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in microfinance and international development, while extending life-changing business growth opportunities to entrepreneurs in some of the the world's most disadvantaged locations.

Virtual Volunteer Team

Do you have a passion for advancing opportunities for highly motivated people in the world's poorest communities? Do you enjoy volunteering on a flexible schedule from the comfort of your own home?

We have openings for volunteers who would like to contribute two or more hours per week to join our Virtual Volunteer team. Virtual Volunteers review applications for completeness, and assist borrowers who request help to interact with our website via email and SMS, and assist in translation of borrower content. This is a position that may be undertaken on a flexible schedule, from any location in the world with an internet connection.

If you would like to learn more about joining our Virtual Volunteer Team, please send an email to ans_rep@yahoo.com.

Microfinance Internships

SolarFundzz offers full-time Client Relationship Manager internships in the countries in which we have lending programs. Client Relationship Managers spend the majority of their time meeting with SolarFundzz entrepreneurs at their business locations and homes rather than doing office work.

In addition, we have openings for part-time Country Liaison Interns. Country Liaison Interns may be based anywhere in the world, with flexible work hours to accommodate class or work schedules. This position is focused on managing loan transactions and providing service to SolarFundzz borrowers.

Finally, we welcome entrepreneurial individuals with expertise in a specific developing country to join us as New Country Expansion Coordinators. This is also a virtual, part-time opportunity, for leaders who will assist us to launch new SolarFundzz lending services in your chosen country.

Please follow the links below to view our current internship openings.

Full-Time, International

Burkina Faso Client Relationship Manager

Indonesia Client Relationship Manager

Kenya Client Relationship Manager

Senegal Client Relationship Manager

Flexible Schedule, From Any Location

Communications Associate

Indonesia Country Liaison

Kenya Country Liaison

Francophone Country Liaison

New Country Expansion Coordinator

Social Media Manager

Volunteer Translator: French

Volunteer Translator: Indonesian

Check out the following blogs of current and former Client Relationship Managers to learn more about their daily life and work with our remarkable entrepreneurs:

World Blog Mien De Graeve: Burkina Faso Client Relationship Intern, Fall 2012 - Present

Talking Story: Kenya Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2012 - Summer 2013

Senegal Sam: Senegal Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2012

Achintya's: Kenya Client Relationship Intern, Winter - Spring 2012

Cornelliawithzidisha: Indonesia Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2011

Hanumanhamburger: Indonesia Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2011

Dakar a du coeur: Senegal Client Relationship Intern, Spring - Summer 2011

Nyofarr: Senegal Client Relationship Intern, Fall - Winter 2010

Ikosawa: Kenya Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2010

Mackafrique: Senegal Client Relationship Intern, Summer 2010