SolarFundzz is a Eco-Workforce company. We rely on voluntary contributions from our lenders and supporters to help cover operating expenses such as web hosting, bank fees, telephone costs, regulatory fees and ongoing development of our web platform.

We do not charge any service fee to lenders, but instead ask that those who participate contribute what they can afford to support SolarFundzz's growth. SolarFundzz is a Eco-Workforce company, and your donation is well apprciatated here in the United States.

Option 1: Donate Via Credit Card or PayPal

Residents of all countries may make donations via PayPal or credit card here:

Donation Amount

Option 2: Donate Via Bank Transfer

Please note that if you choose this option, both the sending bank and our receiving bank will deduct transfer fees from the amount credited to SolarFundzz. The fee amounts vary depending on the sending bank, and can add up to USD 50 or more for a single transaction.

Please instruct your bank to transfer the desired amount to SolarFundzz Incorporated, with recipient bank details as follows:

Name of Bank: Wells Fargo Bank
Wire Routing Transit Number: 121000248
City, State: San Francisco, California, United States
Account Number: 2000053250148
Title of Account: SolarFundz Inc.

Then send an email to to let us know that the transfer is intended as a donation.

Option 3: Donate Via Check

Holders of United States bank accounts may also donate by check. To make a donation by check, please mail a check made out to SolarFundzz Inc. to our address below, making sure to indicate on the check that the payment is a donation.

SolarFundz Inc.
PO Box 70121
Richmond, CA 94807 USA

Thanks so much for your support!