Information for Borrowers

SolarFundzz is a lending community that offers high-achieving people the chance to raise loans limited only by each person's record of responsible performance. The SolarFundzz web platform allows ordinary people all over the world (the lenders) to fund loans of their choice and to communicate directly with the borrowers.

Membership in SolarFundzz is highly selective, and submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance. If an applicant passes the review process and is approved for membership in SolarFundzz, he or she will have access to offer loan funding opportunities to lenders using the SolarFundzz website.

What are the eligibility requirements?

In order to become eligible for a loan through SolarFundzz, you must be an active internet user, and hold a Facebook account with extensive social connections.


You should have a business or source of income that will ensure repayment of the loan in monthly installments. Additionally, you must not hold any outstanding loans through other sources at the time of your application with SolarFundzz.


Finally, you must have the support of a local community leader (such as a school principal or leader of a place of worship), and secure online endorsements from your friends and colleagues.

How much can I borrow?

If this is your first loan through SolarFundzz, you can borrow up to USD 50 (50 US Dollars). Each time you repay a loan on time while maintaining a 95% repayment rate for all monthly installments, your credit limit will increase.

The current loan size progression is as follows:

Maximum Loan Size:

  1. USD 0
  2. USD 0
  3. USD 0
  4. USD 0
  5. USD 0
  6. USD 0
  7. USD 0
  8. USD 0
  9. USD 0
  10. USD 0
  11. and thereafter. USD 10,000

Please note that the minimum time period for progressing to the next maximum loan size is 0 month for loans under USD 200.

What are the fees and interest?

You can propose any interest rate between 5% and 30%. The first 5% goes to SolarFundzz to cover money transfer fees, and anything above that goes to lenders. Lenders who find the proposed interest rate reasonable can choose to fund the loan at or below your proposed interest rate.

In addition, new applicants who succeed in raising a loan pay a one-time registration fee, which is deducted at the time the first loan is disbursed.
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If your loan is not funded, you are not charged any fees at all.

How Do I Get Started?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.
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